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Hello to my subscribers, those I’m subscribed to, and anyone who may come across my writing,

I thought it would be fun and different to open-up a suggestion space for films, actors/actresses, filmmakers, and special topics you all out there would like to see me talk about.

I do have a set of criteria I would like anyone interested in this to follow: Films between 1915 to 1985 are what I’m most interested in, my favorite all time Blu Ray labels are The Criterion Collection, Arrow Video, Arrow Academy, Eureka! Masters of Cinema, Eureka! Classics, Studio-Canal, Koch Media, X-Rated/ELEA, 88 Films, and Shameless Screen Entertainment, my favorite genres are Classic Genre Cinema, Italian Westerns, Comedy, Giallos, French Neo-Noir, Japanese Samurai, Japanese Gangster/Crime, Italian Polizioteschi, some Musicals, and some Horror.

Some things I’ll talk about on occasion if I find the subject interesting enough are Sci-Fi, Martial Arts, and Eastern European Cinema.

What I absolutely won’t talk about is: Gore Horror and all its subsidiaries, sleazeploitation, most exploitation type films (I will accept some titles as long as they have some class), stoner comedies, teen comedies, and material based off video games.

To keep this fun and exciting I encourage you all to think of some more obscure, boutique type of films that not many people know about and should. I really want to bring a lot of films back from the dead and give them the exposure they should be getting. I do like mainstream stuff for those who are curious to know, but I want to keep this blog unique and different, so let’s try to avoid material everyone already knows about please.

I have two region free Blu Ray players so I can view any Blu Ray and DVD from anywhere, and so most suggestions are plausible.

Please keep suggestions reasonable, realistic and within the guidelines I’ve placed above if possible. Keep in mid there are some I’ll have to turn down because I don’t have access to them or have seen them and didn’t like them. I’m on a budget so right know I’m focusing on Birthday/Anniversary/Holiday gifts for my family and friends. Not everyone will have their suggestions picked, but rest assured I’ll look at them all.

This is a suggestion page only and any and all negative replies will not be tolerated. Repetition of this will lead to this page’s comment section being turned off. Let’s be fair and considerate everyone.

Anyway, please have fun with this, and let’s shake things up with new and exciting films to talk about.


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