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Blog News #1

Hello to all my subscribers, those I’m subscribed to, and all interested WordPress visitors.

A little News for future content, content updates, and upcoming  series/specials.

Item #1: Western Wednesdays will be going on a brief hiatus for the month of October. It shall be returning in November and will again go on break in December, returning again in January till the following October.

Item #2: The month of October will be dedicated to my first special The Month of Hammer Horror, wherein I’ll be discussing my favorite Horror films of the famed British studio. I’ll also include some special write ups as so far I only have seven Hammer films to write about. Expect the first article sometime on October 1. I’ve been debating whether to include for the specials any of The Simpsons Tree-House of Horror episodes. If any of you would like to see that, please mention so in the comments below.

Item #3: My last item before The Month of Hammer Horror begins will be my first Giallo Mystery Thriller write-up. I plan to have a weekly or bi-weekly series like with Western Wednesdays for this sub-genre come January.

Item #4: Also in January I plan to start a once a month or bi-monthly write-up on the Poliziotteschi sub-genre as there are a few films I’ll be ordering towards the end of the year.

Possible other Series: I’ve started viewing the Edgar Wallace German Crime films, but I’m unsure if it’s something I would like to dedicate the occasional write-up to. There’s no immediate yes or no thought process, but it is something I’ll seriously consider at a later date.

As always, if you have suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section or in my About page comment section. Like before, this will be for suggestions only. Please remember the guidelines I listed earlier in the month and please be considerate and fair.


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