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Blog News #2

From Tony Nash

Hello to my subscribers, those I’m subscribed to, and any curious onlookers

From November 29th to December 30th, I will be taking a vacation from the Blog to enjoy the Holiday season with my family and my best friend. I’ll still be watching movies on and off so I’ll have stuff to write about come the New Year, but generally I’ll be focusing on watching Holiday related films and specials. Over the Summer my folks and I moved from Philly PA to Ocean City NJ so right now I’ll be focusing on decorating and enjoying the season, making our new house our home.

In the New Year I’ll be rotating between the Western Wednesdays series and my new series’ The Cycle of the Melodic Gialli, centering on the Italian Mystery Thriller franchise, and Poliziotto e Criminale: The Poliziotteschi of the 1970’s, centering on the Cop and Gangster films Italy made in the wake of The French Connection. If anyone would like to see me write about a particular film from either sub-genre, just let me know in the comments below (as always keep the comments and requests fair and reasonable). Owning a Region Free Blu Ray player allows me to view Blu Rays and DVDs from the UK, Germany, and Italy, so there’s always a likelihood the film requested will be available on some format.

Getting into this blog again has been a real pleasure, and I’ll be looking forward to expanding come 2019.

Everyone be safe and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Boxing Day. For anyone celebrating Holidays other than those listed above,, have a happy and safe time.

Thank you all for the great year.

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