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Hello to my followers, those who I follow, and curious onlookers,

I’m still on my Birthday Break (I celebrated already), but I’m making an exception here as this item I find very interesting and urge support for the company financing it.

The UK company 88 Films is holding another public support campaign via Indiegogo for another set of Italian Collection Blu Rays. This go around they’re doing the forgotten Lucio Fulci period film Beatrice Cenci (alias The Conspiracy of Torture) starring the late, great Tomas Milian, and Joe D’Amato’s precursor to 50 Shades of Grey, Eleven Days and Eleven Nights (aka 11 Giorni, 11 Notte). Out of the two I prefer the Fulci/Milian collaboration, but I’ve also been curious about D’Amato’s eccentric reputation as a filmmaker, so I might give the latter a try just for the heck of it.

I had planned to make a contribution, but Indiegogo unfortunately doesn’t accept the type of Card I use, so I’m giving 88 Films a little shout out here to help them make the project a reality. I’ll leave a link to their Indiegogo page to see what the perks and goals are of the project. Please, if you can, give this dedicated company a hand in putting out the more obscure and forgotten cult and grindhouse classics back from the dead.

Tony Nash, Movie Fan Man

UPDATE: 88 Films has reached 74% of their goal and have added two more goal achievements

UPDATE #2: 88 Films is nearing 80% of their goal, but the contributions are slowing down, so anyone interested, please don’t hesitate to give them a hand.

UPDATE #3: 88 Films announced earlier that Beatrice Cenci (alias Conspiracy of Torture) by Lucio Fulci will get top priority in remastering, followed by D’Amato’s film, so keep up with the donations.

UPDATE #4: 88 Films is nearly at 90% of it’s prime goal for Beatrice Cenci, please keep up donating and giving shout outs.

UPDATE #5: 88 Films has hit 91% of their goal!! They’ve updated their page again and have decided to have Goal One be the restoration of both films simultaneously and Goal 2 the creation of exclusive extras for the releases. Let’s keep the prize alive and please keep spreading the word of what 88 Films is looking to accomplish.

UPDATE #6: Hooray!! 88 Films has reached their initial goal of getting both Beatrice Cenci and Eleven Days and Eleven Nights restored for future release. Now let’s get 88 Films to goal 2 of getting these films slip-covers and special features.

UPDATE #7: 88 Films Campaign has stalled again, so let’s try to keep this thing alive, even with the first, primary goal being reached. Killer Crocodile was their Mystery film had goal 3 been reached, but according to Campaign starter Richard Elliot, it’ll still happen regardless, albeit at a much later date.

UPDATE #8: Only four days left on 88 Films Indiegogo campaign!! Another 5,000 GBP and 88 will be able to do slipcovers for the releases, let’s make this happen.

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