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Hi to all my followers, those I’m following, and curious onlookers,

I just saw on Dawn of the Discs Facebook page (I highly recommend them for any upcoming announcements of new releases) that Vulcan Video, one of the last, if not THE LAST, Blu Ray and DVD rental outlets in the USA, is in danger of closing their last existing location.

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of this place until today, though I had heard there were one or two video rental places that still catered to Classic and Cult Film fans, or Cinephiles as many like to call us. I highly encourage anyone who wants to keep this necessary vintage piece of history and the past alive to please donate anything if you can. Classic, Cult, and Foreign film lovers need a place like this as there are so few outlets to the good old days of when you could walk into a video store and talk films with visitors and the owners.

Now I know that many might see a place like this as prehistoric and obsolete, but so few historic vestiges of this kind of thing are still around, and with Movies Unlimited in my old hometown of Philadelphia PA closing down several years ago, Vulcan Video is a must for the preservation of an Old School time capsule.

Tony Nash, Movie Fan Man

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