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The 2019 Halloween Comment Section

Hello to my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

Starting Wednesday Oct. 2, I’ll be starting my new Horror Film-a-thon. This year I thought I’d try something different and designate this area as where you all can leave comments about the films to be discussed, my thoughts on them, and of there was anything I missed on them. Type the film title first before starting your comment so I can keep track.

As always, be fair and civil when leaving comments, remember we all have different tastes and views, and we’re here to have fun and share our passion with other film lovers.

If this works the way I hope it will, I’ll do this for the other series I do and new ones I’ll be starting in the new year.




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13 Responses

  1. rdfranciswriter says:

    Paganini Horror. Excellent renter back in the day. I love it when a filmmaker will take a “legend” and just “kitchen sink” it and play with the legend. Donald Pleasance, God Bless him. That guy was game for anything. And we love him for it.

    • moviefanman says:

      Many Thanks for the comment. 😁 For me the film ends when Jasmine Main destroys Paganini’s violin after the sun evaporates him, what happens afterwards is just too clunky.

      • rdfranciswriter says:

        Yeah. Cozzi’s a guy who you can’t contain. You just let ’em go and keep his vision.

  2. Well put together on The Mummy’s Revenge and I like the historical touch you included. Agree that the lack of nudity sometimes associated with Naschy’s films works better this time out and his performance as the modern day character low key and not over the top.

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