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Hello to my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

Only a few hours ago, Comcast Xfinity 1 made the station Turner Classic Movies a subscription station, no longer a free channel. I find this completely outrageous as Ted Turner never intended the station to be something people paid to get, and I’m completely outraged and angry at Comcast for pulling this stunt. I plan to write Xfinity a few choice words e-mail, and hope any and all classic film fans will write as well to convince Xfinity to let TCM be a free station again, or at most give them an earful that they can’t pull this stuff and not expect angry customers.

I try to refrain from ranting about anything on this Blog, but Xfinity has gone too far this time and this is something I think needs rectifying. TCM has been a station I’ve loved for years and I don’t think its fair for Xfinity to hold it hostage via subscription to get people to give them more money.



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