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Hallow’s Eve Greetings

from Tony Nash

To all my Followers, those I’m Following, all Curious Onlookers


As a little treat to everyone on this Spooky Day, let me share with you my fan cast and crew for a dream Horror Anthology based on the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe that’ll never be made, but would’ve been interesting had it been. I hope you all enjoy my choice of actors, writers, and directors.

Synopsis: A trio of crooks hide out in a library where they hear tales of the macabre by Poe from the sinister caretaker. Soon they’ll prefer the safety of the police waiting outside.

Racconti di Strani e Soprannaturali

(Tales of the Strange & Supernatural)

Boris Karloff: W.H. Opel, the Librarian (Storia della Struttura)

Vincent Price: The Murderer (segment: Il Diavoletto del Perverso)

Paul Naschy: Count Egaeus (segment: Berenice)

Michael Dunn: Hop Frog (segment: Hop-Frog)

Robert Hossein: The Artist (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale)

Rosalba Neri: Countess Berenice (segment: Berenice)

Maria Perschy: The Artist’s Wife (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale)

Luigi Pistilli: Frank Donalds (Storia della Struttura)

Roberto Camardiel: The King (segment: Hop-Frog)

Vonetta McGee: Trippetta (segment: Hop-Frog)

Piero Lulli: The Inspector (segment: Il Diavoletto del Perverso)

Claudio Camaso: Dan Bonnard  (Storia della Struttura)

Nello Pazzafini: Brock Bonnard (Storia della Struttura)

Eduardo Calvo: The Doctor (segment: Berenice)

Jean-Marc Bory: The Lost Motorist (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale)

Written by: Tony Nash (Storia della Strutturra), Lucio Fulci (segment: Il Diavoletto del Perverso), Mario Bava (segment: Hop-Frog), Paul Naschy (as Jacinto Molina) (segment: Berenice) Robert Hossein (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale), Fabrizio De Angelis (Storia della Strutturra), Amando de Ossorio (segment: Berenice), Roberto Gianviti (segment: Il Diavoletto del Perverso), Claude Desailly (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale), Marcello Fondato (segment: Hop-Frog), & Mario Serandrei (segment: Hop-Frog)

Based on the Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

Produced by: Tony Nash & Fabrizio de Angelis

Directed by: Mario Bava (segment: Hop-Frog), Lucio Fulci (segment: Il Davioletto del Perverso), Robert Hossein (segment: Il Ritratto Ovale), Amandeo de Ossorio (segment: Berenice), & Fabrizio de Angelis (Storia della Strutturra)









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