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Hello to my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

Well, the New Year is upon us. Hope everyone had the Happiest of Holidays and a fun New Years Eve.

All Holiday break long I was pondering how to make this blog a little more varied and unique and I found a solution.

First things first, I plan on finishing the recent run of The Cycle of the Melodic Gialli starting next with Riccardo Freda’s A Doppia Faccia (Double Face) and then finish the last of the Bazzoni films.

Now I do plan to continue this series and Western Wednesdays and the one on Euro Crime ( I need to pick an easier to remember title for it 😉 ), but I’ll also be mixing in specials that I think will add a little flair and break up what has started to become the same old, same old.

The Christmas Season saw me get three of the four films Charles Bronson made over in France, and I plan to start a Mini Series on those later this month that will briefly see intermission while I get the fourth film.

I also would like to try an interesting experiment that I’ll need you, my followers on here, to give me a hand with. I decided to take a look at Italian cult filmmaker Joe D’Amato’s late period Erotic film 11 Giorni, 11 Notti (Eleven Days, Eleven Nights), and thought maybe doing a continuing series on the some of the better quality Erotic/Adult films would be interesting. I’m also planning on getting the original Emmanuelle Trilogy with Sylvia Kristel, and one or two other titles to start with. Now the help I’ll be needing from you my fans is finding what other films would be good to check out. I know the company Vinegar Syndrome has put out quite a few of those types of films, but I’m not looking for anything Triple X here,  I would like to keep this blog as classy and R to NC-17 as I can get, so if any of you my fans know of anything worth checking out, please feel free to list them in the comment section. I’ll be keeping my eye out as well.

One of the bigger projects I’m planning on is looking at the epic Historical War Films Napoleon by Abel Gance and Voyna i Mir (War and Peace) by Sergey Bondarchuk. I was originally planning on doing a little piece on how Gance’s Napoleon film and Bondarchuk’s Waterloo make up a complete whole in telling Napoleon’s life story on film, but with how differently both films are done, I’m not sure accurate they’d be with each other. I’ll still include Waterloo as a nice interpretation into Napoleon’s last grasp at power. I’ll most likely watch the first two films in segments as they’re quite long, so I’ll most likely save the write ups on them for near the summer.

That’s the major News for right now, if there’s anything else that catches my eye to write on I haven’t tried yet, I’ll mention in another News post. Hope you all find something to enjoy here in the New Year and I’ll see you here next week.

Tony Nash aka MOVIE FAN MAN


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