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by Tony Nash

Hello to my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

I was planning on originally doing Part 2 of my Epics series on the Russian version of War & Peace, but activities with the family, and an annoying cold set that back a little, which I’ll hopefully finish up come next week, so I thought something different would be cool to do.

Inspired by Mike’s Take on the Movies write up on a good cast for a remake of the classic war film The Dirty Dozen, I figured I would do my ideal cast for a take on a Classic film/story. Now I’ll be doing my cast from old school actors/actresses from the 60’s and 70’s and instead of a remake, I’ll be discussing who’d be perfect for a general adaption for a Classic novel.

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is a classic in both literature and the film world with at least five adaptions done for the big screen and TV. My take on the story would be an adaptation of her stage play version like the others, but I would retain the character names from the novel, and I would do it in a homage to the Italian Giallo, with actors and actresses associated in some way or another with the genre. Never being one to settle on just one person, I’ll list two to three actors a role and let you decide who’d be better suited.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to list them in the comments below, remember this is all in fun, and a nice idea for budding filmmakers who love the classics

Since the film will be done Giallo mystery style the Italian title of the film is

E Poi non C’era Nessuno (And Then There Were None)

Gianni Garko,

Image result for Gianni Garko"

George Hilton,

Image result for george hilton actor"

and Jean Sorel

Image result for jean sorel actor"

as Philip Lombard/Charles Morley

With Christie describing Lombard as suave and mysterious, either of these two guys would fit the bill very well. Garko has the suaveness and sophistication, while Hilton has the mysteriousness and charm.

Margaret Lee,

Image result for margaret lee actor"

Nieves Navarro

Image result for nieves navarro"

and Erika Blanc

Image result for Erika Blanc"

as Vera Elizabeth Claythorne

Either the British bombshell, the Spanish beauty, or the Italian goddess would be wonderful as the beautiful and equally mysterious Vera Claythorne. As the character reveals little about herself until mid point, these beauties each embody the characteristics.

Charles Vanel,

Image result for charles vanel"

Alain Cuny,

Image result for Alain Cuny uomini contri"

and Anthony Dawson

Image result for Anthony Dawson actor"

as Justice Lawrence John Wargrave

With the character usually being depicted as an older sophisticated fellow, any of these classic era actors would work in the part. And that some of them have played homicidal types in the past, is a plus.

Ugo Tognazzi,

Image result for ugo tognazzi actor"

Lee J. Cobb,

Image result for lee j cobb"

and Richard Johnson

Image result for richard johnson actor"

as Doctor Edward George Armstrong

With the character being something of a cynic, a drunkard, and a fatalist, either of these crusty types would be be suited to the role of the doctor.

Anthony Dawson

Image result for Anthony Dawson"

Leo Genn,

Image result for Leo Genn"

and Stanley Baker

Image result for stanley baker"

as Detective William Henry Blore

Anthony Dawson comes up again here, as he’s work well with either role. Leo Genn also appeared in the 1965 version titled Ten Little Indians as the General, but as he also played smug slimeballs, he’d work well in the Blore role. The same can be said for Stanley Baker.

Suzy Delair,

Image result for Suzy Delair actress"

Giulietta Masina,

Image result for giulietta masina"

and Alida Valli

Image result for alida valli"

as Emily Caroline Brent

This role is probably the toughest to cast as you need the right mixture of older sophistication and coldness. So for this I decided to go with three actresses I believe could pull off the role.

Howard Vernon,

Image result for howard vernon"

Salvo Randone,

Image result for Salvo Randone"

and Fernando Sancho

Image result for Fernando Sancho"

as General John Gordon MacArthur

Another part that’s a little difficult to cast as an older performer with a certain sense of world-weariness or life fatigue is needed. Another three actors I believe could tackle the role

Ivan Rassimov,

Image result for ivan rassimov"

John Steiner,

Image result for john steiner actor"

and Claudio Camaso

Image result for claudio camaso actor"

as Anthony James Marstson

Either of these three men can play the slimy, arrogant, and amoral first victim

Ciccio Ingrassia,

Image result for ciccio ingrassia"

Federico Boido,

Image result for Federico Boido"

and Luciano Rossi

Image result for luciano rossi actor"

as Thomas Rodgers the Butler

Ingrassia, normally known for being one half of Franco e Ciccio with Franco Franchi would look good in a change of pace role. Boido and Rossi rarely got substantial roles, so they’d be great in the part.

I can’t really think of anybody to play the part of Ethel Rodgers, so if anyone has any suggestions there, please let me know.

and finally

Corrado Gaipa

Image result for corrado giapa"

as the voice of Mr. U.N. Owen.

Raspy and crisp, this solid character performer and voice dubber has the perfect vocalization for sending the guests on their way to doom.

Hope you all enjoyed this little idea of mine, and let me know in the comments any ideas you have for this or suggestions.

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