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My First Fan/Viewer Input Spot

Hello to all my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

With all the craziness of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I forgot to make an announcement I was excited to share with everyone.

I recently hit a milestone of 21 Followers here on WordPress, something I never thought would happen. I figured maybe five to ten people would find what I write about interesting, and am still pleasantly surprised by the number of people following and reading my entries. Thank you all so much!!!!

Now officially I have 20 Followers as one of my followers, Mr. Gary Loggins, aka Cracked Rear Viewer sadly passed away, and at the same time I didn’t have the heart to take his name off of my followers list, and another follower, whose name escapes me right now, has retired his WordPress Page; but in reality numbers aren’t too essential as its the people themselves who count in the long run.

To celebrate this milestone, I’d like my followers to feel free to offer their input on an idea I had for Halloween 2020. Normally I try to have a theme every Halloween as it’s pretty much my year end hurrah as I take a vacation from posting material from November to the new year in January, save for Holiday greetings, and anything super special, so I try to have something cool every time. This year I was thinking about doing a little salute to the Spanish Lon Chaney Jr., Paul Naschy, as several of his films are being graced with Blu Ray treatments. So far I have only seen his sole foray into the Mummy realm, La Venganza de la Momia (Vengeance of the Mummy/The Mummy’s Revenge), and thought that was fairly well made. Many of his entries in the El Hombre Lobo (The Wolfman) Waldemar Daninsky franchise are on Blu Ray here in the US and Germany, and I’m curious about seeing the early ones.

What I’d like to know form you my viewers is, would be interested in me checking out any of Mr. Naschy’s work, whether it be his entries in the Waldemar Daninsky saga or his varied other kind of Horror films?

I may end up giving Naschy the spotlight in October anyway, but I’d really be interested in hearing what you the fans would like me to check out.

This is my personalized way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given me the last 2 to 3 years.

Tony Nash, aka Movie Fan Man


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