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Blog News #6/Special Announcement #5

Hello to my followers, those I’m following, and all curious visitors,

I’ll be taking a vacation break from now until the first full week of August. Normally I’d have taken this during July 4th, but this Pandemic has all the days gelling together and me confused. Don’t worry I’ll still be watching movies and talking about them here, I just want to recharge myself and go at a leisure pace for right now.

I have some exciting news for everybody interested in my writing, I’ll be appearing in my first official publication this September in the 2nd issue of the Spaghetti Western Digest. The Digest was started by SW fan Mike Haus and I was able to contact him through the SW Forum and he said he’s always looking for contributors and so I’ll be a regular contributor for as long as I can. Since I’ll be doing the Digest, The Western Wednesdays series will be on indefinite hiatus for the time being, of which I’m a little sad to do, but this frees me up to focus on other stuff to write about.

Look out for a belated Jaws spin-off write up when I come back for the 40th Anniversary of the Shark film blockbuster. The two episode special will be on Fabrizio De Angelis’ Killer Crocodile double feature, which were the last of, but non the less entertaining, Jaws rip-offs .

I’ll be starting a new series called Odd & Unique where I’ll discuss films that defy genre identification, but at the same time are too fascinating to ignore. This won’t be a regular series like Western Wednesdays and The Case of the Melodic Gialli that’ll rotate, but instead will be done only on occasion when I feel a film I’ve viewed fits the bill. I think you’ll enjoy it when I do post them.

Finally, if there’s any film you wan’t me to write about, please feel free to check out A Tour of My Collection or My Man Cave Tour of my collection posts and pick a film out of my collection that you find interesting. List whatever film you want to write about in the comments section which is open here.

Take care all, and stay safe.

Tony Nash, AKA Movie Fan Man


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