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HorrorBabble Theater Presents: The Temple of Memory

by Tony Nash

(Halloween Potpurri 3)

(all opinions are of the author alone)

(Mild Spoilers)

Original Artwork by MG Keller Meyer (from HorrorBabble)

The Temple of Memory (2018) R *****

Ian Gordon: John Braxton, Beta Team Leader

Roslyn Hicks: Anna Channing, Beta Team Technician

Jennifer Gill: Lucy Davies, Beta Team Navigator

KINGSPOOK: David Hunter, Alpha Team Leader

Morgan Scorpion: Olivia Davies, Alpha Team Navigator

G.M. Danielson: Thomas Moore, Alpha Team Technician

Written & Produced by: Ian Gordon

Synopsis: A team from a government special agency encounters more than they bargained for as they search the Brazilian jungles for missing colleagues and look to apprehend a dangerous cult worshipping an evil sea goddess.

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The Classic HorrorBabble Logo (from HorrorBabble)

HorrorBabble’s first foray into the world of Audio Drama is both a nod to the Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos and co-founder Ian Gordon’s first entry in his recurring series on the modern entity Nokuth. That the story and new Mythos is set in the current era offers quite a bit of interest, intrigue, and horror as even with all the current technology available, it seems unable to detect the presence of something most certainly alive, but beyond worldly comprehension.

Ian Gordon: Actor, Extra and Band Member - Bolton, UK - StarNow
A Voice for the Ages: the Fabulous Ian Gordon (from StarNow UK)

Ian once again shows off his amazing skills as a writer by the pacing of the piece. While the majority of the story plays out like a typical Mystery Adventure, subtle sounds and atmospheric ambience slowly lead to a crescendo of utter terror and cosmic oblivion. What begins as a simple rescue, recovery, and detain mission soon turns into a fight for survival as two separate teams of government agents uncover an evil as old as the stars, and the hideous mutations that willingly serve it. That it all seems so simple is what adds to the horror of the situation.

This is Ian Gordon, the voice behind HorrorBabble. AMA about producing  weird fiction audiobooks. : Lovecraft
The retired original HB Mascot (from Reddit)

In addition to Ian and Jennifer’s voice talents, joining in the collaboration are Australian Roslyn Hicks, fellow Britons Morgan Scorpion and G.M. Danielson, and Canadian KINGSPOOK. All the case does great jobs in lulling the listener into a sense of security, and then slowly building the fear as more and more unusual and clearly out of the ordinary things begin to happen that turn an adventure that was to be so return into something of the thing of nightmares.

Harking back to the days of British radio plays and serials, The Temple of Memory offers up a very well done mix of Horror, Adventure, Anthropology, Archeology, and even a little peudo History, all equaling to a very intriguing ride.

(Lovers of Horror, weird fiction, and anyone openly curious to varied subjects will be completely enthralled by this totally original and different piece by Ian Gordon and company. Quite a bit has already been said of the piece on the HorrorBabble YouTube page and elsewhere, so I don’t really need to rehash all the positivity its received, only to check it out, even if Horror isn’t your main thing as its very well crafted.)

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