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from Tony Nash

Hello to all my Followers, those I’m Following, and all Curious Visitors,

The New Year has gotten off to a slow start for me here on MOVIE FAN MAN, the Lockdowns because of COVID 19 have made my usual groove of writing and watching movies go a little haywire, from the usual 360 degrees to whatever anyone would consider a loopy number. For a little while posts may be infrequent, but rest assured I’ll be back to my usual form soon. I do apologize to anyone and everyone who eagerly looks forward every week to what I’ll be writing about, but as we’re all in the same boat I’m sure everyone can relate and understand. A big thanks to everyone for the continued support of of the blog, it’ll only be bumpy on here for a time, soon a big wave of exciting new stuff will be posted here.

I do plan on finishing up my Follower Appreciation Special this month, I’ve got about two or three more selectees to give the spotlight to.

In other interesting news, today I got the first dose of the COVID vaccination. So far I’m feeling pretty good, and I will update if I feel the common side effects of headaches and sluggishness associated with it, but I have a pretty good constitution when it comes to my health, but I’ll still be keeping a careful on how I feel in the coming days. I get the second and last dose on the 22nd of this month.

Stay safe and stay healthy everybody, and thanks again for the support and interest of my blog.

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One Response

  1. rdfranciswriter says:

    This is cool.

    It’s good to see reviews on classics inspired by their rediscovery via DVD and Blu restores.

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