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Actor Profile: Toshiro Mifune
“The ordinary Japanese actor might need ten feet of film to get across an impression; Mifune needed only three” – Akira Kurosawa (image from FilmDoo)

I know today is April Fools Day, and everybody is probably enjoying the jovial jokes and pranks associated to it. But for me, today is special because it’s the Birthday of the great Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune, he’d have been 101. For those of us film aficionados, today being Mifune’s birthday is a little on the humorous side. Mifune of course was known for his very stern and hardened facial expressions that sometimes hid very humane emotions, and so for a man to be born on a day for humor and having become famous for playing subtly complex characters makes for very interesting conversation.

100 Years of Genius: The Toshiro Mifune Hall of Fame - The Ringer
Mifune showing a rare warm smile on camera (image from The Ringer)

(Mifune is one of my all time favorite foreign language cinema actors, and one I’ve always felt aspiring actors should look at and study due to the naturalness with which he approached every role. That he, along with his best known colleague Akira Kurosawa, transcended culture and were able to speak to not only their native countrymen, but to people from all over the world is something to behold and admire. All of his collaborations with Kurosawa are available on DVD and Blu Ray from The Criterion Collection, and some of his non Kurosawa films are on DVD and Blu Ray as well.)

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