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MFM Quickies 1: One of the Best Purchase Deals

by Tony Nash

Hello to all My Followers, those I’m Following, and all Curious Visitors,

I thought I’d try something a little different on the blog, a series where I talk about certain DVDs and Blu Rays (sorry no 4K’s, far too expensive right now, and I don’t have an interest) in my collection. I’ll mainly be talking about what I like about the particular edition I own, sometimes I might own two or three different versions, but sometimes I’ll go into the deal I got on the item or if anything in the film or the special features really peaked my interest.

I’ll try to keep these medium length as some of the stuff in my collection I could go on forever about, but sometimes they’ll be longer if the item I pick has something cool about it that a summary won’t do justice to.

A Cool Set

Now as the title says, we’re going to be looking at one of the best price deals I got on an item, and that item is the fantastic Koch Media DVD set Italo-Western Enzyklopadie No. 3. IMHO, the Germans do some of the best release of the Western All’Italiana, or Spaghetti Westerns as many prefer to refer to them (I also like using Italo Western), and this is a good example to show off. I bought this nice set off of Amazon Germany in February 2020 before the Pandemic hit hard and the Amazon facilities in Europe had to temporarily suspend shipping of certain items abroad to help combat COVID. Normally this set, as well as sets 1 and 2 (Set 2 has an interesting and good story I’ll discuss later) go for anywhere from 35.99 to 44.99 in Euros, and Amazon Germany had it on sale for between 12.99 to 14.99 Euros.

Now I know what I a lot of you are probably thinking, ‘Sure, but wait till you have to pay shipping, the VAT, and currency exchange’, and sometimes that can be the case with Amazon wherever you go, but in this case I lucked out: At Amazon Global Expedited Shipping, the final price came to $23.45 USD! I couldn’t believe it, that’s about 4 to 5 dollars a disc, including shipping. The reason this deal sticks with me is that since the Pandemic, many businesses, including Amazon, have had to heighten the price of shipping to make up for the majority of business put on hold in 2020, and deals are hard to come by for the moment.

Initially I bought the set for the first two films: Mille Dollari sul Nero ($1000 on the Black) and Per il Gusto di Uccidere (Taste of Killing), but I ended up enjoying all four films, the other two being the Robert Woods Pecos films. That most German releases, including this one, have the Italian language track is a big plus as I prefer the original Italian over the English dub any time, and I do have enough of an understanding of Italian to go without subtitles if I have to.

For those new to the blog, or are still going through my old posts, I own two Region Free, or Universal if you prefer – and it does fit better, Blu Ray players that allow me to view discs from all over the World, and I’ve done a write up on why I think the serious film connoisseur should own one, which I’ll leave a link to below.

I hope you all found this interesting, and there will be plenty more of these coming in the future.

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