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One of Spain’s Western Villages (from Pinterest)

Hello to My Followers, those I’m Following, and All Curious Visitors,

As an aspiring filmmaker and writer, I’m always thinking about who’d be great in a film I really wanna make. During the Golden Age of Hollywood and Golden Years of Italian and Spanish Genre Cinema, it was common to have a repertoire of players, in major, supporting, and minor roles. This is another dream of mine, to have a company of players to do my Italian Western ideas, and here’s a few I hope you’ll agree with being in the genre


from Allure

You need at least one huge name in your repertoire, and for me that would be Kristen Stewart. The West had it share of strong women, and Stewart would fit into that role like a glove.


from BZFilm

Famous for, and proud of, being Charles Bronson’s Doppelganger, Robert Bronzi has the right face and vibe for being in a Western, and not just because he looks like Bronson. ‘Nuff said. He’d work as both the Anti-Hero and the Main Villain.


from Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The Aussie Androgynous Beauty is perfect for the underused Strong Female Lead in the Italian Western. Again, she’d fit everything for the Heroine, Standard and Anti, Villainess, and Redemption Seeking characters. I’d especially love to have her play a character who’s gender is a mystery to both the audience and other characters, never knowing whether the individual is man or woman. Granted we’d have to use CGI and Digital Wizardry to remove all of her tattoos as no one had them back in those days, unless they were in Traveling Circuses, but she definitely fits the Western mold.


(He’s on the right) from the IMDb

This Indie Actor is a a fellow Philadelphian and a friend of mine who I met through a friend of my Mom’s. He’s been on some of the top shows like the Law & Order franchise and was one of the Antagonists to Matthew McConoughey’s hero in Free State of Georgia. Another Anti Hero and Villain perfect type. He’d also be good as the hero’s buddy. He’s raising a family at the moment, but I hope he makes a return to the screen soon.


from Blitz Qoutidano

This up in coming Italian actor has already had his share of big and supporting roles on Italian TV and recently played the lead in the remake of the Italian Crime classic Milano Calibro 9. I envision him playing either American or Mexican characters (Anti-Hero, Villain) thanks to his Southern Italian looks.


from Quien

A popular Spanish heartthrob and star, co-star of some solid films and TV, I feel this guy would mold right into the Old West Atmosphere, as either the well dressed villain or a friend of hero. He officially goes by Miguel Angel Munoz, but I feel Miguel Munoz Blanco is a solid Western name.


from IMDb

There’s always a need for good villains, and Joaquim de Almeida would do any bad guy role justice. I would also cast him as the good guy mayor or the noble older citizen.


from Life & Style

I first saw Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez in the HBO film Knockout, playing the love interest and trainer to the lead actress. He became memorable to US audiences for his role as the hold-up man scrambling for a plan in the Jamie Foxx comedy Held Up. He would be good as either the Mexican bandit main villain or co-villain, the friend of the hero, or the love interest of the damsel in distress


from Variety

Another Spanish heartthrob who would do well as either the lead or the villain.


from Survived the Shows

An Italian character actor who has done both leads and supporting roles will be good at any role you give him.


from Opentapes

Another stellar Italian actor who is skilled at both good guy and bad guy roles.

Honorable Mentions

James Blackburn, Sergio Friscia, Fausto Maria Sciarappa, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Lorenzo Crespi, Jose Manuel Poga, Francesco Siciliano

Let me know what you think of these choices, and who you think would be god in an Italian style Western.

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